Experienced team

Our experienced team of backend (mostly Java) and frontend (Angularjs) developers provide eHealth solutions for the past eleven years now, trying to improve the quality of the healthcare and increasing the efficiency. Our homebase is in the heart of the Dutch technological and medical industry of the Medical Delta Rotterdam, Delft and Leiden.

“we strongly believe that solving today’s challenges is
about changing the way the system works
not the way people work”

We enable this by creating modular ICT solutions through a global ECOsystem of solution
providers and make them widely accessible to any healthcare professional.

Jan-Marc Verlinden, CEO Founder

Jan-Marc Verlinden has a long history in providing innovations in healthcare. As founder of the Living Lab Leiden foundation, the Vivici company and shareholder of dokterdokter.nl he has a broad experience in leading large scale projects and startup companies.

In the role of CEO of our company we will use his experience to become one of the main players in the new eHealth market.