Partner project

Secure monitoring of patients at home

The partner project is about secure monitoring of patients at home. The Dutch partners MEDrecord, Imec, University Hospital Amsterdam, NXP, Sopheon, KPN and University of Eindhoven are developing advanced services for patient that have had a TAVI treatment (replacement of the aorta valve).

Our main focus is on end-to-end security from chip to the Cloud. For this MEDrecord has developed a Careplan for the treatment of TAVI as well as connection to the various wearable devices. An app is under development to guide the patient at home.

In the end the main idea is to provide the Hospital with secure wearable devices for home monitoring of heart failure patient in general (not only TAVI).

Sensor integration

Secure and safe integration of various sensors on the body.

Prediction models

Early warning and predictions models

Decision support

Help the cardiologist for better treatment of the patient.

Impressions of the analysis software:

European research

The project is funded by Itea3 with 5 million Euro.

The project started in 2018 and will take 3 years.

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