Research institute ETRI

ICT innovators

Since its foundation in 1976, ETRI, a global IT research institute, has been making its immense effort to provide Korea a remarkable growth in the field of IT industry. ETRI delivers Korea as one of the top IT nation in the World, by continuously developing world’s first and best technologies.

Building on its past success, ETRI continues to dedicate in R&D to maintain its place among world’s best research institutes. With its vision of being “Smart & Green Technology Innovator”, ETRI will continue to develop national strategy technologies, strive for the commercialization of growth engine technologies and to secure value creating intellectual property in creative and innovative ways for industrial development. ETRI, with its continuous efforts to develop creative and innovative technologies will lead digital convergence era of the world IT Industry.

ETRI will help the humanity realize a “Smart World” where people, technology, and the environment are interconnected to create a more abundant, convenient, and safe life. This is the future of ETRI.

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