Integrate scalable technology with your project seamlessly

Leverage our platform to develop your breakthrough medtech applications.

Innovative features built for your success

We’ve built Medrecord to integrate seamlessly with your applications.

You’ll be able to get exactly what you need out of your data and never have to worry about security or compliance.

eHealth platform

Our white label eHealth Platform and development team help you kickstart your development process. We’ll save you from having to put in the time and overcome the challenges that come with starting from scratch.

API first

We integrated the technical standard for clinical data (FHIR) and developed easy to use API’s for you and your developers. With a dedicated admin panel you will be able to integrate on your own terms.

Ready for Wearable Tech

We have integrated several wearables like Google Fit and Apple Health with our clinical backend already for you. All data is harmonized with algorithms on top in order to show thresholds.

We are a certified company

Security is our top priority. Our platform features state of the art technologies to authenticate user identities and offer maximal protection for patient and personal data.