Citizen Centred and Controlled COVID-19 data for reuse


Data processing

C4Yourself project brings together citizens, many research and development players, commercial partners including PGOs to build a safe and trusted system for the reuse of Real World Observations for better care, research, and policy, in which all stakeholders can participate and where multiple choices are possible for the citizen.

C4Yourself aims to realise an ecosystem that enables a centralised overview and real control of a citizens’ own personal (health) data. Reusing Real World Observations and health data for better care, research, health innovation and policy is key to better health in general, pandemic preparedness and imminent cost savings. However, the generally accepted notion that ‘citizens should be in control of the reuse of their personal data’ remains a paper mantra unless we design and implement a user friendly, trusted and sustainable environment that allows the realisation of that ambition.  

European research

C4Yourself has been funded by TKI Life Sciences & Health. The Top Sector Life Sciences & Health (LSH) encourages innovative research by (financially) supporting public-private partnerships (PPP) in the life sciences & health sector. Project lasted 1 year with the total budget of 1,4M€.

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