Accurate voice-to-text transcriptions for healthcare professionals


Automated speech recognition, openEHR

In this project, together with Amberscript BV and Amsterdam UMC, we will further develop the Digital Doctor, who can work out the oral conversation (anamnesis) between healthcare provider and patient and record it in the patient’s file (PBL) as well as the system of the healthcare provider. The project has the following objectives:

 1) More effective and cheaper care through the digitization of conversations 

The Netherlands not only has one of the best healthcare states in Europe, but also one of the most expensive; at the moment, about 10% of GDP is spent on care in the Netherlands. According to the CPB, due to an ageing population, health care expenditure will rise to 10-31% of GDP in 2040). In order to keep healthcare affordable, it will be necessary to work more effectively in healthcare.

2) More efficient use of care staff shortage in healthcare 

Currently, there are major shortages in staff in the healthcare sector and it is expected that this will only increase in the coming years. This is partly caused by an ageing population in the country, but care is also increasingly considered less attractive by students because of the many administrative burdens and the high workload. This project also ensures that these motives for not working in healthcare are reduced and that there is time for contact between doctor and patient. 

3) Better archiving and information availability 
In the medical world, archiving is of great importance for “burden of proof”, diagnosis, and retrievability of information. However, properly and consistently archiving conversations is time-consuming. In addition, it is often challenging for medical professionals to ensure that employees archive their conversations in a good consistent way. This project provides a solution for this by automating standardization of findings and reporting.


European research

The project has been funded by REACT EU. The Recovery assistance for cohesion and the territories of Europe (REACT-EU) extends the crisis-response and crisis-repair measures delivered through the coronavirus response investment initiative (CRII) and the coronavirus response investment initiative plus (CRII+) and constitutes a bridge to the long-term recovery plan. The total project budget is estimated to 1,5M€.


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