Privacy preserving cross-organizational data analysis in the healthcare sector


Data trust and security, Privacy preserving, Semantic interoperability

Sensitive health data is often kept in silos in a way that cannot be efficiently leveraged for legitimate medical, research and data analysis purposes. The goal of the Secur‐e‐Health project is to integrate new approaches for digital ID technologies and privacy-preserving analysis techniques in a secure system infrastructure. The Secur-e-Health system allows medical institutions of all types to collaborate together and leverage data analyses and insights. This is expected to have a significant impact on the quality of the medical predictive models, the efficiency of data-driven treatments, the acceleration of new clinical research, and the improvement of healthcare in general.

All in all, Secur-e-Health provides a roadmap to the rapid and efficient digital transformation of the healthcare industry. Given the interoperability characteristics of the stack, we anticipate being able to reuse the same system across different industries.

European research

Secur-e-Health project is funded by the project partners and national governments as part of the ITEA-4 program. Total budget is estimated to 17.9M€. Project started in January 2022 and will last for 3 years. 

ITEA is the Eureka RD&I Cluster on software innovation, enabling a large international community of large industry, SMEs, start-ups, academia and customer organisations, to collaborate in funded projects that turn innovative ideas into new businesses, jobs, economic growth and benefits for society. It is industry-driven and covers a wide range of business opportunities facilitated by digitisation like smart mobility, healthcare, smart cities and energy, manufacturing, engineering and safety & security.

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