Standardised questionnaires

Leiden, January 12th, 2021.

The MEDrecord platform, together with its MedSafe PGO (Personal Helth Environment), is the first in the Netherlands to be certified for the MedMij questionnaires standard (HL7 FHIR). With this, MEDrecord shows its leading role within the MedMij system and can help its partners to become qualified for this service as well.

In a controlled live setting, and together with MedMij , Onco in Balans and De Berekuyl, MEDrecord is testing these questionnaires with rehabilitation patients. read here the comprehensive report of MedMij.

With a completely new formbuilder the healthcare provider is able to prepare any possible questionnaire. A considerable number of these so-called PROMs (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) have now been implemented by MEDrecord as Templates. Examples include the questionnaires for Asthma and COPD, heart failure and Diabetes. In addition, the Trazag and the InterRAI variants made in collaboration with our partners.

With our new questionnaire module we enable our partners to communicate with all MedMij affiliated healthcare providers and patients. For example with a standardized intake form:

At the end of last year, MEDrecord participated in a MedMij PROVES pilot for the BgLz (Basic long-term care data) in which MEDrecord once again led the way within the MedMij system. Read the detailed here Final report Proves MedMij BgLZ  of MedMij and VzVz.

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