MEDrecord’s Year 2023 in review

Usually at the end of the year we tend to look back at what happened, also this year. And we are excited… as we believe we could not have done any better (on the business side).

Launch of our AI based portfolio

This year marked the launch of an innovative healthcare solution HealthTalk, a cutting-edge AI-based clinical note-taking platform. HealthTalk enhances doctor-patient interactions and ensures secure data management, marking a significant leap in our digital healthcare offerings. The HealthTalk platform is designed to specifically focus on reducing the time on taking notes, and save up to 30% of the doctor’s time, thus leaving more space for the patients and quality service.

Noteworthy Partnerships or Collaborations

2023 marked a year of strategic partnerships such as with ZoDichtbij, and industry recognition for MEDrecord, highlighted by major milestones.

Recently, we had an opportunity to speak with Microsoft’s Partner Development Manager for The Netherlands, Mark Pannekoek. We have agreed on several mutual grounds and one of them is a mutual collaboration and application for the new projects.

We ventured into the Colombian market, specifically in Medellin, introducing HealthTalk and Club Diabetes. This initiative, part of a demonstration project, focuses on integrating these digital healthcare technologies into local healthcare systems. The project includes phases like technology integration, training, real-life demonstration, and final evaluation. This marks a significant step in our expansion into Latin America, demonstrating our commitment to enhancing global healthcare delivery.

Earlier this year we have been participating in a fruitful trade mission where we have been invited by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport (VWS) in combination with RVO and HealthHolland. For us, as a start-up/scale-up business, showcasing the product is crucial. Given the greater need for these kinds of services in Colombia, the country’s market is an ideal place to start. The frequency of In the Netherlands, the average rate of diabetes II is 8.3%, while a consequence of more impoverished eating habits, it is over 14% in Colombia. A second concern is that there are no clinics at all in remote areas. With 85% mobile coverage, the Club Diabetes app provides ideal access for these individuals.

Being a new company like HealthTalk, with no experience in the Colombian market, we faced several difficulties. Nevertheless, with the assistance of our partners SME HolaDr,  which has a wide base of medical doctors helping in the in-person and virtual meetings with patients in remote areas who have diabetes, we have completed a plan to make the demonstrations successful. A big part of this project is the collaboration with SURA Colombia, an insurance provider.

We carried out negotiations with several healthcare institutions in May 2023, and the following institutions expressed interest in integrating HealthTalk and Club Diabetes services following a successful presentation at one of these institutions:

1. Cluster Salud Bogotá 5. Clínica CES
2. Fundación Santa Fe 6. Arus
3; Liga Colombiana contra el Cáncer 7. CRUZ ROJA SECCIONAL COLOMBIA
4. Fundación Cardio Infantil

What We Have Been Working On

Looking ahead, we are excited to introduce Bio-curity, a project poised to transform digital healthcare. We had the honor to be an international coordinator of Bio-curity, where we aim to develop digital biomarkers for pre-disease stages while ensuring utmost data security and privacy. Additionally, we’re have completed several projects and are currently developing working on:

The NewLife project: A solution for screening and early detection of pregnancy risk factors, such as hypertension, diabetes, pre-term labor, pre-eclampsia or risk of fetal death. The healthcare professionals are integrated into the solution which will enable pre-emptive support and treatment for mothers and their unborn babies. This project was developed along with 29 partners from 6 countries. The partners include 9 RTOs, 14 SMEs and 4 large corporations (LE). Philips and AMS-OSRAM participated with two legal entities located in different countries for both companies. The main coordinator for this project was Philips Electronics Nederland.

Secur-e-Health: With a collaboration of ITEA 3, we had an opportunity to contribute to the project which will be enhancing data security in healthcare data analysis. The data is analyzed in a distributed and secure way, only encrypted data and model parameters are shared. This project included multiple contributors and they are:

  1. Universities/research institutes: ISEP, TU/e, OFFIS, FMUP, TNO
  2. Medical centers: Amsterdam UMC, Erasmus MC, Utrecht MC,   Montreal Heart Institute, UK Aachen, Fernando Pessoa (HEFP)
  3. 3. Insurance/pharmaceutical companies: Achmea
  4. Secure identification experts: Kelvin Zero, Identos, CSIT
  5. Hardware manufacturers: IMA, LiveWell
  6. MPC/FL experts: ZorgTTP, Cybernetica
  7. Medical AI/ML and analytics experts: Almende, Perceiv AI, Bilbest, Mantis, Mediconsult, TietoEvry, VTT
  8. Software and application developers and health platform providers: Stryker, PS tech, Softtech, MTG, ACD, LiveWell, Almende, MedVision,
  9. Health platform providers: Oncare, Ortec, SuccessClinic


DemiCare: Tailored support for informal caregivers of dementia patients. As the supplier of essential features built into the MEDrecord digital e-health platform, MedVision will serve as the primary commercialization partner, focusing on various market niches to introduce the proposed solution. Additionally, MedVision will market the DemiCare solution throughout the EU together with business partners XUND, MED, and BLU will introduce DemiCare to the market in their native countries (AT, NL, and RO).

Our Completed Projects

In collaboration with our partners, we were able to complete 3 projects who’s purpose is to improve the quality of life and healthcare service in the food intake methods, mental health and improvements in general medical communication.

FoodFriend: The Food Friend is a project of the development of a feeding tube intended for use at home, in outpatient clinics, and in hospitals. Its goal is to make feeding care exact, expert, and simple to operate. With quick access to the most recent procedural instructions and self-checking list, the project helps caregivers and nurses. This included the development of a feeding nasogastric tube which will be used to deliver nutritional support and medications to patients who are unable to swallow or are unable to meet their nutritional requirements by mouth. Laboratory findings and vital sign readings—data utilized in the other areas of the Medsafe —should be securely and promptly put into the respective fields of the “Food Friend” Pages.

mHealthINX: A novel approach to mental health experience in occupational settings. While working on this project we have proposed a novel three-tiered system for occupational stress prevention that targets older working adults 55+ and can be integrated into daily life at home and at work. This system is important because maintaining work ability among older employees is a goal of national policies in rapidly aging societies in Europe and beyond.  The three pillars that make up the system will create a continuum, extending from the individualized destress indicator to the stress level-based signal. On this project our contribution was in backend development, along with our partners in the field of:

  • Research – AIT
  • Clinical partner in occupational psychology MUW
  • Industrial partner in mental health system development
  • SME – The Industrial partner in UI & App design and development CREAGY


Digitale Dokter:

The goal of the eHealth project The Digital Doctor is to enhance the functionality of an existing Personal Health Environment (PGO) by developing a virtual assistant (currently called TRL7) that will enable the effective delivery of remote treatment. It is the application and further digitalization of diagnostics and questionnaires, which are presently primarily completed verbally or with pen and paper. The Digital Doctor helps healthcare undergo a faster transformation, making it more robust to the pandemic’s effects and ensuring high-quality care even in unpredictable situations. Studies conducted that up to 40% of working time might be spent on pointless procedures. Among the several medical specialists who deal with this are general practitioners, hospital specialists, psychiatrists, and dentists. The solution that will allow medical professionals to concentrate less on administrative work and more on providing care—the most crucial aspect of their work—is the aim of the ongoing development of the Digital Doctor.

This project has been developed in the partnership of Amberscript BV and Academic Medical University of Amsterdam.

Web Summit 2023 Lisbon Experience

Our participation at WebSummit 2023 in Lisbon was a milestone event. We introduced HealthTalk, an AI-based clinical note-taking platform that enhances doctor-patient interactions and ensures secure data management. We had a great opportunity to meet with some of the amazing new startups such us Mindify, 2MO – Second Medical Opinion, and Knowlepsy, encevis, MyMama.

Next steps

By 2024, we plan to submit four new proposals in early 2024, broadening our research and development scope.

IHI Call Days has drawn our attention and we are currently looking for partners who are ready to join us in a project and share their expertise.

Join us in our new AI based research proposals or reach out to our Project Manager Joanna Morozowska:

It you need support for your project or have any inquiries, feel free to reach out to our sales representative Atija Planincic:

As we reflect on the past year, we can say we are proud of our achievements and the impact we’ve made. MEDrecord team has an acknowledgeable quality of creating products with a quick turnaround and development support.

We extend our best wishes for the Holidays and a Happy New Year 2024 to all our readers. We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and transformation in healthcare.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

The MEDrecord Team

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