How much does it cost to build a Health Tech Application?

Digitization has permeated virtually every part of our social and business worlds and the healthcare sector is no exception. Every day we use fitness trackers to check our pulses and burnt calories while working out, or set  reminders to drink more water on our smartphones and listen to a calming meditation before going to sleep. […]

A Crazy Start for MedRecord in 2021


After a weird (thanks COVID-19) but exciting 2020, the first weeks of 2021 have been pretty amazing as well!  Once again we’ve been experiencing intense interest and opportunities to engage in impactful projects continue to present themselves. Earlier this week we broke our own Daily record by submitting 7 EU project proposals in a single […]

What are HL7 FHIR and openEHR?

What is openEHR? openEHR stands for Open Electronic Health Records. It was started in 1988 with the Good European Health Record (GEHR) project by Dr. Alain Maskens and Dr. Sam Heard, and they were later joined by Thomas Beale who acted as a technical architect. Around 1995 this evolved into an official CEN standard – […]

Standardised questionnaires

Leiden, January 12th, 2021. The MEDrecord platform, together with its MedSafe PGO (Personal Helth Environment), is the first in the Netherlands to be certified for the MedMij questionnaires standard (HL7 FHIR). With this, MEDrecord shows its leading role within the MedMij system and can help its partners to become qualified for this service as well. […]

How do I get my ehealth startup and innovation funded?

So you have the best idea ever with huge potential, the only challenge is that you lack funding. Well let me help you out and tell you how we did that. First of all let’s assume that you really have an innovation, be sure of that. This is due to the fact that almost no […]