Smart asthma inhaler


Asthma, Decision support, Self-management, Wearables

Based on the MEDrecord platform we have developed a device that will improve quality of life for Asthma patients by over 70%. It will help you to manage your health through a user-friendly app that will increase the awareness of your clinical status as well as the adherence and effectiveness of medical treatment.

We developed an ergonomic and compact sensor that collects information from your inhaler and sends it via your smartphone to MEDrecord for analyses, from where a tailored asthma plan is provided to the patient.

Our research was published in at the UK based NICE standard, also see the research that was published.

In this extensive study it was truly surprising to find out that between 70 and 90% of all Asthma patients actually use their inhaler incorrectly, which means that the medication can be ineffective.

The results of our three year study showed that:

  • On average the cost for the Asthma patient is € 124 per year
  • Most costs are caused by poorly managed Asthma
  • Savings for the targeted patient are € 130 per year
  • The potential savings percentages are between 30 and 70 percent
  • Quality adjusted life year (QALY) is calculated at € 30.000
  • In the UK, in 2015, 969 out of 1,468 deaths related to Asthma could have been prevented.
In our holistic approach we could show enormous advantages for Asthma patients. If you would like to bring this product (together with us) to the market we are open to working together, please ping us.

European research, Horizon2020

myAirCoach is funded under the prestigious Horizon2020 funding scheme (grant agreement No. 643607) with € 5 million, see the website for more information.

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