Cyclic and person‐centric Health management

CHIRON was one of the largest projects MEDrecord has worked on. Based on our platform we have developed web and mobile apps for:

  • An effective and person-centred health management along the complete care cycle;
  • A move from treatment of acute episodes to prevention;
  • A “continuum of care”through a seamless integration of clinical, at home and mobile healthcare services.

Results: a better quality of care and an overall reduction of the healthcare costs.

European research

The Chiron project was funded by the ARTEMIS-JU Call 2009:

  • Coordinated by Silvio Bonfiglio (Barco)
  • MEDrecord collaboration with 27 European partners
  • With a total budget of €18 million

Impressions of the Chiron application:

Chiron research:

The integration of e-heath into the clinical workflow – Electronic Health Record and standardization efforts

Roberta Gazzarata, Fabio Vergari, Jan-Marc Verlinden, Simone Naso, Viola Parodi, Tullio Salmon Cinotti and Mauro Giacomini.