Based upon MEDrecord we have developed an intelligent decision-support system for patients with chronic illnesses, such as cardiac arrhythmias, diabetes, and high blood pressure. The patients wear sensors that can monitor biosignals (e.g., heart rate, blood pressure); the signals are transmitted to their Smartphone and from there to a powerful “backend” computer.

Realtime decision support

Analyse sensor data
and provide
tailored feedback

Share with careteam

All data could
be shared with
relatives and doctors

Prediction models

We developed
prediction models for
heartfailure and Diabetes

The MobiGuide promo movie:

European research

The MobiGuide project is funded under the prestigious FP7 program with a total project cost of € 7,1 million. The coordination is done by the University of Haïfa (Prof. Mor Peleg) with the involvement of 17 European partners.

Deliverable 7.4: Working prototype

Atos, University of Haïfa, MEDrecord

Final project presentation by Prof. Mor Peleg: