Virtual Coaching for Senior Employees

The Buddy or Virtual Coach project connects senior employees with a coach to help them with their mental well being and works with them through their transition into retirement.

Advanced Stroke Triage Technology

Rapid detection technology helps first responders accurately and efficiently triage suspected stroke victims and improve recovery outlook by getting them the care they need more quickly.

AI Assisted Epilepsy Diagnoses

Machine learning algorithms assist caregivers with the real time analysis of EEG readings for more consistent, rapid and accurate diagnoses.

Epilepsy monitoring


The EEG-Serv project uses MEDrecord for the completely automated (CE marked) analysis of EEG for epilepsy patients in the Hospital. It changes the current workflow in the treatment of patients with neurological and sleep disorders, and creates a new reimbursement system.

A Continuum of Care for Patients

Patients benefit from a prevention focused healthcare ecosystem that allows them to track and share their health information with their care providers seamlessly.

Mobile Monitoring of Diabetes Patients

By leveraging mobile & wearable technology, caregivers can actively monitor their patient’s bio-signal data and react quickly to necessary changes or interventions.

High Fidelity 4D Data Modeling

Combining MRI image captures with EEG readings and developing easy accessibility tools to make real time data analysis easier for neuroscientists.